Cantraybridge Board of Directors is supported by a committed group of volunteers, each bringing significant experience to the governance and scrutiny functions of Cantraybridge College.  The Board is chaired by Ms Sharon Ellen and is supported by Jane Campbell, John Dunlop, Carol Elliot, Alastair Noble, Roy McLennan, Fiona Sherret, Henry Sleigh and Stephen Watson.  The Board meets quarterly and also holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and a development day each year.  If you would like to contact the directors, please email

The Board’s vision is to support “Cantraybridge to be a student-centred organisation recognised by our stakeholders as an exemplar of best practice in the provision of services to our clients - a centre of excellence that delivers personal development, education, and social care services enabling disadvantaged young people with disabilities to achieve their potential. The services we offer are high quality and represent excellent value.”

Director biographies follow below…