At Cantray Square we provide accommodation in 1-/2-/3-bedroom houses for up to 19 young people who access training and support services at the college.  Our experienced staff team is used to providing housing support for young people with learning disabilities and/or autism spectrum conditions and understands how vital this support is, if young people are to achieve the ultimate goal of maintaining their own tenancy in a community setting.  We also put a lot of effort into making sure that residents can stay connected to the people that matter to them most.  We often throw events and parties or help the students to organise their own. 

Typical areas where we provide support are:
- help with cooking, cleaning and domestic tasks
- help with managing money, paying bills, completing forms
- support to maintain good, healthy relationships with friends, family and significant others
- learning to live with others

Often we find that young people have never lived away from home before they come to Cantraybridge and so we believe in helping young people to develop the skills and resilience they will need when they take the next step into the community of their choice.